The Heirs

Session 20: Adrift (Part 2)


A handy escape.

With the docks burning behind them and the fortress on full alert, the heroes attempt to escape aboard the Gypsy Dawn, still in the disguise of the Zhentarim black cloaks. Hoping to command the approaching Gith ship to stand down, the heroes issue a message through the same signaling system. The message is not well-received, and the Gith prepare to open fire.

Kaloy attempted to contact Lord Bailey through magical means, only to receive the message: “Sorry! Quite busy right now.” Tobias, meanwhile, moved to protect Ofelia, who was less receptive to his heroics than hoped. Thinking quickly, Ooga created a fog cloud to obscure sightlines between the Gypsy Dawn and the enemy ship. Meanwhile, Saradoc took Skruk and raced down into the ship to work with the crystal engines in the hopes of drawing more power from them.

The Gith ship missed its blasts as the Gypsy Dawn made its escape, and as it gave pursuit it could not keep up. The Gypsy Dawn floated through the Astral Sea with no destination. But at least they were safe.

The power of fairy tales.

Trying to figure out what to do next, the heroes spoke with both Cressin and Ofelia in the mess hall. Cressin mentioned a fairy tale that he’d heard once, a long while ago, about a mysterious place in the Astral Sea known as the Snaketongue Nebula.

As the story goes, those who are lost in the Astral Sea need only to find their way to the nebula. There, they will find something mysterious that will make their wishes come true. The exact details of the story were otherwise lost to Cressin, but it provided the only lead.

As Cressin described the nebula, Tobias drew a picture of it for reference. Both Saradoc and Tobias scanned the endless skies of the Astral Sea and together finally found the place of interest. The Gypsy Dawn set off in that direction, and the crew found ample time to rest during the journey. Kaloy learned snippets of the history behind Mason and Ofelia, and a little bit more as well …

Saradoc, meanwhile, tried to discern more about the physics of the Astral Sea. Tying himself into a makeshift harness, he jumped from the side of the ship to see whether the rules of gravity applied outside of the boat. He fell straight down.

Fascinating indeed.

The Snaketongue Nebula

An unfortunate greeting.

The heroes arrived at a strange structure at the Snaketongue Nebula, which seemed to solidify as they approached and fade as they moved. Trying to discern anything they possibly could from the structure, Saradoc attempted to walk on the structure, to see if its physics worked any differently. Rather than walking on its surface, he nearly fell downward but caught himself in time.

Meanwhile, Kaloy tried to detect the thoughts of anything inside. She heard a low, rumbling voice saying, “More …” and felt an insatiable hunger from within. Curious, she used her dissonant whispers to affect the entity and see what would happen. There followed a sudden roar and a hole immediately opened in the side. From the darkness, a strange creature appeared and attacked the heroes. It attached itself to Tobias, which proved to be problematic. Kaloy tried to read its mind as well, only to discover that it was not intelligent enough for thoughts—whatever entity she heard earlier was something different.

After dispatching of the creature, and seeing several more fly past, Skruk pointed out that there appeared to be a natural landing area for the airship. The Gypsy Dawn went inside. Cressin comments that everything feels … wrong …

The wreckage.

Saradoc scouted ahead of the party to see what was within the strange structure they found themselves in. He came across an enormous nursery of eggs, with frightening wormlike creatures scurrying about. Hugging to the walls and remaining as silent as possible, Saradoc trudged ahead and came through to another large chamber. Here, he found a mass of creatures swarming around what appeared to be a Gith airship.

Thinking it might be their way out, he messaged the rest of the heroes with his findings. Kaloy, Ooga, and Tobias argued over whether they should continue forward, with Tobias expressing grave unease at the entire situation. Kaloy pushed ahead as quietly as she could, only to alert the attention of the worms within the nursery. She ran, pursued by an angry swarm.

Before the worms could overtake them, Ooga used his magic to create a stone wall between them and left a hole small enough to polymorph Saradoc through. With the whole party reunited once again, the heroes discuss their next options …



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