Tag: Saradoc


  • Droldo Highcourt

    While Saradoc might be apt to plunge headlong into adventure, Droldo's always been the more cautious type, sometimes scared by his own shadow. He's got empathy in spades, however, and will do everything he can to be helpful to the ones he loves.

  • Celadina Highcourt

    Saradoc's mother. A charismatic politician in the New Dawn community and among its community leaders. In the aftermath of New Dawn's burning, many turned to Celadina for leadership.

  • Avaraquis Quilt

    Part of a long line of high society, Avaraquis Quilt serves Waterdeep as both a Masked Lord and its Chancellor of Education. She went missing shortly before the Open Lord was killed, and clues indicate that she may be in the Moonshae Isles. Saradoc's …