The Heirs

Session 2: Finding Silverhammer Hall
New Dawn Burning Part II

After making their way into Goldworker’s Hold, the heroes discovered a crazed bugbear named Boolikark, worshiping someone named Abraham at a black fire, saying he was seeking . Dispatching him, they return home with a strange triangular stone taken from the vaults that Garmek Silverhammer claims to be very important.

Six months pass, and nothing happens.

Finally, Garmek announces he knows where Silverhammer Hall is, but on the morning the expedition is about to set out, he goes missing. Investigating his home, the heroes discovered it had been ransacked. Saradoc and Kaloy examined a map while Tobias attempted to sense where Garmek had been taken. A similar signature of evil had passed through the village of New Dawn. After Kaloy discovered a set of musical notes at the bottom of the map, Ooga found the trail of Garmek’s kidnappers.

Along the way to the Lost Peaks, they came across two orcs in the woods, Gurak and Thezz. Initially dubious, they discovered they had a common enemy in Abraham—the orcs were escaping his hold while the heroes were going toward it. They shared food from Tobias’ bag of snacks and warned the heroes to avoid the strange lights in Silverhammer Hall.

The heroes climbed into the Lost Peaks and discovered the entrance to Garmek’s ancestral home, guarded in front by a group of goblins and kobolds and orcs. Saradoc scouted the camp, trying to find a way around. Ooga settled on a safer idea—he called upon a heavy fog to obscure the camp, and the heroes successful sneaked through and into the door.

Descending down a long set of stairs, they entered Silverhammer Hall and were greeted by three mysterious adventurers: a halfling named Camilia, a human named Dimitri, and an elf named Jakobe. They seemed very excited to be in the hall. No one, of course, trusted them. When the heroes walked away, the mysterious adventurers disappeared.

Further into the hall, walking through the main road of the abandoned city, the heroes came to an intersection. One way led toward the temple district, where a strange light glowed in the distance. The mysterious adventurers appeared again. While Dimitri went toward the lights, the heroes decided against it and forged ahead instead.

A good thing, too.

When they came upon a gated bridge leading across a dark chasm, Kaloy played the musical phrase she saw in the map. The gate opened, and the mysterious adventurers reappeared—or at least, one of them did. The halfling, Camille, the last survivor of the three adventurers, pressed on. It became very clear to the heroes that she was Not Normal.

Across the bridge, they finally came upon Silverhammer Keep. Inside, they found Garmek restrained above a black fire, guarded by a few goblins. Making quick work of them, the heroes got Garmek down and restored him to consciousness, only to discover their work wasn’t done yet. Two more orcs appeared from behind the throne, one of them a shaman in charge of sacrificing Garmek.

After a hard-fought battle, the orcs finally fell. The heroes were left in Silverhammer Hall with an injured Garmek and another black fire …

Session 1: Into Goldworker's Hold
New Dawn Burning Part I

Garmek had made another strange brew, and he wanted everyone to try it.

In the woods outside New Dawn, Garmek and Saradoc led Tobias and Kaloy toward Ooga’s secluded hut, ostensibly for a tasting party. Of course, he only really wanted to see if it would knock Tobias on his butt again, or if Ooga could even stomach it.

Shortly after arriving at Ooga’s hut, however, they were waylaid by strange plants, sentient and humanoid, covered in thorns and vines and needles. After striking them down, Tobias attempted to sense where they had come from. Following the lingering trail of their evil presence, the heroes worked through the woods until they came upon Erlathis’s farmstead. Unfortunately, they found that the old farmer had been slain by the very same creatures that attacked them.

Ooga found the tracks the malevolent plants had left behind, and Garmek noted it seemed to point toward Goldworker’s Hold, another dwarven stronghold abandoned centuries ago. As they approached the hold, an oppressive, evil feeling settled over them. Something unnatural had settled in.

They found a hole that led into Goldworker’s Hold. Descending into the darkness, their clumsiness and their noise attracted a giant centipede, skittering across the ceiling. Tobias and Saradoc dispatched the bug quickly with a rock and and arrow.

Following the halls of the Hold, they arrived at the vaults, guarded by a magical door with the face of a dwarf. It spoke to them, blocking their path. Kaloy tricked it into saying “gold” and the door suddenly opened.

Inside the vaults, the intense feeling of evil reached its peak. Tobias pointed toward the vault that seemed to hold the source of it all. Saradoc began to formulate a plan to try something sneaky, but Ooga pushed the door open instead, surprising everyone.

Inside, they found Boolikark, an insane bugbear who calls himself the Defiler, and even more monstrous plants. In the center of the room was a black fire that seemed to absorb all light that touched it. Boolikark attacked the heroes, calling them heretics, but Kaloy swiftly tricked the bugbear into calming down with a charm spell. Swayed, Boolikark instead treated them as friends and called off the monstrous plants.

Boolikark revealed he worshipped someone named Abraham. Tobias recalled mentions of a black fire in conjunction with the God of Tyranny, Bane, but did not know much more about how to extinguish the black fires or who Abraham was.

Trying to figure out more about the fire, Kaloy tossed a pebble with a light spell cast on it and Ooga tried throwing in a rock on a rope. Both disappeared into the fire, and an eye revealed itself from inside and then disappeared.

Boolikark said Abraham was looking for “the heirs” and that they were needed for worship. Just who and what the heirs are, he didn’t know exactly, though he did sprinkle blood from a severed dwarf’s arm onto the fire.

Realizing that Garmek might be a target for Abraham because of his bloodline, Saradoc quickly got him out of the room. Garmek said it might all still be worth it, if they could find one thing. Leading Saradoc further into the vaults, they came to a stop in front of one door. Saradoc unlocked the vault and Garmek rushed inside.

Meanwhile, Kaloy, Tobias, and Ooga backed away from the insane Boolikark, shutting the door and leaving him alone at the strange, black fire and joined Saradoc and Garmek.

Inside the vault, Garmek held up a small stone triangle with a hole cut into the middle. He claims its worth is greater than gold …


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