Tyaene Autumnfire

Harper agent tasked with uncovering the Zhentarim plot in Waterdeep


Harper agent operating in the northern area of the Sword Coast, attempting to uncover the Zhentarim plot in Waterdeep. She knows more than she lets on and holds information very, very close to her chest. Despite her frostiness, Varia says she trusts her completely.

Tyaene Autumnfire nee Heatherbee previously adventured with the Ravenrock Acquisitions Company of Silverymoon, alongside Varia and Rhys. In Waterdeep, she ran afoul of Rhosius Vane, who murdered a close friend of hers as well as her husband. She thought she had taken her revenge on him for years, and has been hard to offer her trust ever since.

Tyaene Autumnfire

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