Rhys Cottonfield

A baker and acquaintance of Varia's. Possibly a Masked Lord.


Rhys operates a bakery near Lady Mil’baer’s estate. She comes to his bakery nearly every day for fresh bread and to chat. A very sociable man, he makes it by with a meager lifestyle. It’s possible that behind it all, he’s actually a Masked Lord of Waterdeep.

In the past, he was an adventurer with the Ravenrock Acquisitions Company of Silverymoon, where he served as its cook. It was here he forged a strong relationship with both Varia and, to a lesser extent, Tyaene.

Along with Varia, he was captured by a Gith mage during the siege on Waterdeep. Tortured for information in an attempt to determine which of them was an Heir, he died remaining silent out of loyalty to his friend.

Rhys Cottonfield

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