Lord Alwyn Margaster

Lord of an established noble family in Waterdeep, leader of the Jewelers' Guild


Charismatic lord of a House Margaster, a family of high standing in Waterdeep. Quick with a smile and eager to toast, Alwyn is a well-respected nobleman with a love for wine and hunting. He’s made a game of guessing the identities of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep.

As it was revealed, Lord Alwyn was actually a member of high standing among the Zhentarim. He seems to have been responsible for the destruction of Lord Bailey’s library.

Following the arrival of the Gith in Waterdeep, Lord Alwyn was forced to accelerate his plans to discover the Heir they were looking for, ending in the sacrifice of his soul to the hells and being replaced by a shadow demon. He was killed with a great burst of radiant energy.

Lord Alwyn Margaster

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