Open Lady Varia Mil'baer

Retired half-elven adventurer living a luxurious life in Waterdeep. Now the Open Lady of Waterdeep.


A noblewoman who resides in the North Ward of Waterdeep, Lady Varia Mil’baer is a retired adventurer who hung up her sword and armor to settle down with the well-earned riches she had accrued from years of exploring and dungeoneering. In the past, she adventured for a time with the Ravenrock Acquisitions Company, founded by Mordrus Ravenrock, alongside several others including Tyaene and Rhys.

She makes her living now from various investments around Waterdeep, particularly in taverns and smithies, building an economy to help other would-be adventurers set off on their way.

She has a close relationship with the Harper Tyaene Autumnfire. Varia has a very frosty relationship with her mother, also apparently a Harper. She has an ex-fiance named Lachlan, somewhere out there in the world.

She and Rhys were taken hostage by a Gith mage, seeking the so-called “Martyrs’ Progeny.”

Following the siege on Waterdeep by the Gith and the Zhentarim, she rose to the title of Open Lady.

Open Lady Varia Mil'baer

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