Garmek Silverhammer

A boisterous and recklessly adventurous brewer, heir to Silverhammer Hall


Garmek has been a bit of an institution in New Dawn ever since its inception. Garmek came to the town with his family shortly after it was founded, finally finding a place to settle down after decades of moving from town to town.

Garmek is known around town for three things: pretty decent beer, getting into trouble, and making money. As the proprietor of the local pub, the Tiny Giant Tavern, Garmek’s a nexus of information, action, and revelry.

Over the last several years, he’s called you a friend. You’ve helped him out in one way or another many times, often getting by with more than your fair share of cuts and bruises. But it’s always been fun and rewarding.

He often wistfully talks about his family’s lost home, the mountain fortress he would have inherited, lost centuries ago to an invasion by Druegar. The location, too, has been lost to time. He’s convinced it’s somewhere in the Lost Peaks, a mountain range not too far from New Dawn …

Garmek Silverhammer

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