The Heirs

Following the rescue of Garmek, the heroes were confronted by none other than Abraham, speaking through a dead goblin. He threatened their home with fire and told them to deliver a message: “Tell the Harpers I’m free.”

The heroes convinced Garmek that maybe sticking around inside the ruins of Silverhammer Hall wasn’t a particularly good idea at the moment. Upon trying to leave the ruins, however, an extremely curious Saradoc decided to investigate the strange glowing lights from the temple district. There, he found the temple of the dwarven god Moradin, desecrated with the symbol of Myrkul, god of death. Upon trying to sneak closer, he alerted its guardian—an enormous minotaur skeleton. The heroes fought it briefly, but decided that a retreat was preferable to death by goring.

They rested, undisturbed by the skeleton, wondering whatever became of Camille, the halfling adventurer entity they encountered before.

The heroes began their journey back to New Dawn. Halfway there, they were greeted by Saradoc’s brother Droldo and Tobias’ brother Cor, together with a horse and carriage looking for them—New Dawn was burning. They were under attack from the undead and a red dragon.

Speeding back, aided by Ooga, who turned into a trusty horse, they fell into a trap on the outskirts of town. The wagon overturned and they were attacked by skeletons. Cor ineptly tried to prove his worth, especially to Kaloy. Ooga trampled skeletons over in horse form, while the others handily dispatched their assailants.

Following the fight, they found the injured Captain Farfeather, who said she had been held captive for weeks and that someone was posing as her. Cor, Droldo, and Garmek stayed behind to protect her while the heroes went into town to confront the red dragon.

In town, they followed the dragon’s path of destruction. When they passed Saradoc’s burning home, however, they heard a scream from inside. Saradoc rushed in to investigate while Ooga called forth rain to douse some of the flames.

Inside, they found the Captain Farfeather impersonator, trying to get to Saradoc’s mother. Ooga engulfed the home in fog and Saradoc crept forward to rescue his mother, summoning a power from within he didn’t know he had. Unfortunately, he was attacked from behind and knocked unconscious. As he fought his way back to life, a strange voice whispered in his mind, teasing him.

The heroes sprung into action. Kaloy stabbed the shapechanger to the ground with her rapier and probed its mind for answers. She discovered another disciple of Abraham named Zalthair was pulling the strings in New Dawn, searching for heirs—including Garmek and Kaloy.

Tobias plunged forward to save both Saradoc and his mother while Kaloy finished the shapechanger off. The red dragon flew away, but the damage was already done. New Dawn had been destroyed.

The heroes helped with the effort to put out the fires and save those who could be saved throughout the night. The following morning, with as many lives saved as possible, Ooga invited everyone back to his retreat in the forest.

When they arrived, they found an elf waiting for them, saying she had been looking for them.



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