The Heirs

Session 18: The Enemy of the Enemy


The Enemy of the Enemy

An interesting request.

A meeting with Grand Duke Sentorious Wilheim.

Having successfully defeated the red dragon in the Cloudpeak Mountains, the heroes return to Baldur’s Gate. Zalthair has gotten away, with the heir Ofelia still his captive. The heroes look to find the remaining heirs in the Baldur’s Gate region before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Varia has sent the heroes a request to treat with Grand Duke Sentorious Wilheim, as representatives of the Lords’ Alliance, to secure his military support in the effort against Abraham and his minions.

The heroes navigate past the crowd gathered for an audience with the Grand Duke and present evidence of their defeat of the red dragon. Wilheim, however, is far from impressed: their triumph is enough to gain his attention, but it’s not yet enough to secure his outright support, much less apparent respect.

When the heroes ask him for support for the Lords’ Alliance, Wilheim negotiates even more quid pro quo. While his military is currently involved in yet another border conflict with Amn, to the south, a major farmstead to the north is under attack. While they have enough food to support the troops that Wilheim seems appropriate, the farmstead would be able to provide even more food to allow a stronger military presence. If the heroes could take care of that, it would be great.

But Wilheim’s true request is much simpler, if not perhaps hopelessly impossible: he seeks Varia’s hand in marriage.

Crimes against Lathander.

The heroes attempt to find out more about the heir Thobar, still at large and still being sought by Abraham’s minions. Having discovered that Thobar was a cleric of Lathander, Tobias inquires at the temple. A dawnbringer informs him that Thobar is not a well-respected cleric: in fact, he is accused of selling drugs throughout the Baldur’s Gate area, operating as a dawnbringer to gain the trust of his clients.

He has recently been detained in Heller’s Steadfast, a small village south of Baldur’s Gate. He is being held there, awaiting the arrival of a tribunal of high-ranking dawnbringers to decide what to do with him.

The Flaming Fist.

The heroes also investigate the supposed military might of Baldur’s Gate, curious about why the Grand Duke seemed so casual about things. They learn about the Flaming Fist, a storied mercenary company that complements Baldur’s Gate’s own official army. They are so relied on that their most trusted men actually comprise the personal guard of Grand Duke Wilheim.

Heller’s Steadfast.

A new ally …?

Deciding that finding the next heir takes priority, the heroes travel aboard the Gypsy Dawn toward Heller’s Steadfast to find Thobar.

The village is small, hardly even noticeable from the sky. The heroes enter the town and go straight for the town hall to speak with its mayor. They are greeted instead by a senior guard, whom after some convincing, escorts them to the dungeon beneath the barracks.

Thobar appears messy and unkempt, with a long and dirty beard. He is incoherent and cowardly, asking the heroes if they’re helping him to get out while simultaneously offering them his drugs as a reward.

And then Rhosius Vane arrives.

Rhosius has the entire village under his influence. “All glory to the dark sun,” the guard greets happily as Rhosius approaches.

Rhosius offers the heroes a choice. He, too, has no love for Abraham or Bane. He says that he can take Thobar under his protection and therefore forge some strange alliance with the heroes in their efforts. Rhosius will keep Thobar safe, protected from Abraham, ensuring that he won’t be used as a sacrifice for the black fires.

The heroes agree to his terms, entirely despised by Thobar as a person. As Rhosius departs with his new charge, he tells the heroes that if they wish to see him again, they can come to the Crypt of the Six, far to the north near Loudwater.

As the heroes leave, the entire town gathers to watch them go. The townsfolk all speak in unison, chanting, “All glory to the dark sun.”



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