The Heirs

Session 17: A Dish Best Served Cold.


To Baldur’s Gate.

The heroes routed the Zhentarim plot in Silverymoon, though not before significant damage was done. As Everlund arrived to help Iveress and Sir Dunfarres restore order to the city, the heroes embarked on their next adventure: to Baldur’s Gate, where stories of a familiar, monstrous dragon permeated.

Along the way, a raven landed on the Gypsy Sky with a message for the heroes. Open Lady Varia Mil’baer informed them that she was on her way to the Moonshae Isles, directly west of Baldur’s Gate, to treat with the royal family there. She asked the heroes, as representatives of the Lords’ Alliance, to secure the cooperation of Baldur’s Gate’s ruler, Grand Duke Sentorious Wilheim, in their defense against Abraham’s plot.

A well-deserved rest.


Arriving in Baldur’s Gate, a stranger bumped into Kaloy and dropped something into her hand: a message from Tyaene to meet at a specific inn that evening.

The heroes went about their separate ways to take in the sights and sounds of the bustling metropolis. Tobias and Kaloy went to the local church of Lathander, presently concluding their morning services. Tobias spoke with the Dawnbringer, wondering if there was anything he could help with. Instead, Lathander himself spoke through the Dawnbringer, inquiring of Tobias’s knowledge.

Lathander revealed that it was not only Faerun that found itself imperiled by Abraham’s power. Other realms had already succumbed to Abraham. Yet Abraham still could not break through into Faerun, the world he is originally from. Lathander emphasized Tobias’s mission—investigate the black fires and cleanse them.

Recreational activities.

Saradoc, meanwhile, went on a date with Laelyn, a few days after their previous attempt went poorly. Laelyn was warmer and friendlier with Saradoc, and by all measures the date actually turned out fine. She gave him a magically-infused glove she had come across previously.

Kaloy, Tobias, and Ooga meanwhile headed to the beach, to take in some much needed rest and recuperate from the stresses of their past several weeks.

A meeting of the minds.

The Harper safehouse.

That evening, the heroes went to the inn in the docks district of Baldur’s Gate. From the outside, it looked like a rowdy, noisy tavern. Entering inside, however, they found it was all just an image. The only people inside were Tyaene, Alania, and Lords Crom and Bailey.

Tyaene thanked Kaloy for the head’s up about the corrupted Harpers. As it stands, Alania and Tyaene are the only remaining active Harpers not under the influence of the Zhentarim. So Tyaene “acquired” information about Abraham’s plot from the other Harper in Baldur’s Gate before disposing of him.

Abraham, it turns out, is after three heirs in the Baldur’s Gate area. Zalthair, his Gith lieutenant, has been searching with his dragon, terrorizing the countryside as they moved town to town, trying to find these heirs. Word was they had already captured one, a young mage named Ofelia. Another heir had been confirmed as an itinerant cleric of Lathander named Thobar. The third remained unknown.

Zalthair and the dragon kept Ofelia somewhere in a lair in the Cloudpeak Mountains. The heroes decided their next action should be to kill the dragon. Alania and Lord Crom would continue their journey southward toward Candlekeep, for additional research on the black fires and Abraham. Lord Bailey would continue his research on the island Kaloy has been searching for near near the ruins of Mezro, a place that seems displaced from time and space.

An evil, evil book.

Finding a quiet moment, Saradoc visited Lord Bailey in his chambers in the safe house, a room that looked like it couldn’t possibly belong within the confines of the small building. Saradoc presented Bailey with the book he received from the devil.

Bailey did not like the book.

It was connected to the Daemonfey, Bailey said. House Dlardrageth performed evil, heinous experiments in the name of creating the Daemonfey, and Bailey wanted no part of whatever insanity was contained within.

A dish best served cold.

The Cloudpeak Mountains.

The heroes boarded the Gypsy Dawn and traveled to the Cloudpeak Mountains, where they spotted the dragon’s lair from afar. The cloaks of Zhentarim agents affixed to beams acted as scarecrows. The heroes dodged the magical traps and the Zhentarim patrols, making their way inside the dragon’s lair.

Within the mountain, they found an enormous cavern. Zalthair and the dragon appeared to be deep in conversation with Abraham through magical means, admonishing them for their lack of progress in finding the remaining heirs in the Baldur’s Gate area. Zalthair promised they were working with all due haste. Beyond them, the heroes found Ofelia, unconscious and in chains.

Springing a surprise attack, the heroes caused serious damage to the dragon. Zalthair, charmed by Kaloy, took Ofelia to a safer place, disappearing as the fight went on by shifting out of the plane.

The dragon put up a good fight, nearly killing Saradoc in a single blow. Outnumbered and overpowered, however, the dragon began to take flight. However, a precise arrow from Tyaene’s bow felled the giant beast.

Saradoc used a magic hand to retrieve a tooth from the dragon as proof of their victory.



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