The Heirs

Session 13: Sir Lyle's Last Stand


Out of the woods.

The heroes convene with their new allies, Alania, Lord Crom, Sir Lyle, and High Lady Iveress in their hiding place in the Evermoors. Alania believes their position now compromised, and staying put is no longer an option.

Alania reveals that the Zhentarim had infiltrated the Harpers entirely, and that she trusts no one else in the organization. She tells the heroes that she, her companions, and the Harpers had been responsible for putting Abraham away a long while ago, that they thought they had done their work properly.

Unfortunately, Abraham has somehow returned. The man responsible for keeping Abraham trapped, a cleric named Winter, has gone missing.

The recent Zhentarim activity could be linked to the upcoming Silver Marches Summit, taking place over the next few days. But whatever their motives and goals were, Alania didn’t know.

Alania and Lord Crom decide to embark on a journey eastward, toward the last place Alania knew Winter to be. The heroes, on the other hand, decided to take back Silverymoon and put an end to whatever plot the Zhentarim have.

Into Silverymoon.

The library.

The party split up. Kaloy, Saradoc, and Ooga went to the library to investigate what they could of the Zhentarim and Vasandra. Tobias and Sir Lyle went to the palace to get in contact with Sir Lyle’s childhood friends, who might be able to help in the fight against the Zhentarim. High Lady Iveress remained on the Gypsy Dawn under the protection of Mason and his crew.

Arriving early in the morning before the library opened, Kaloy, Saradoc, and Ooga sneaked in through a backdoor and proceeded to Vasandra’s office on the top floor. Inside, searching for clues, they found nothing of particularly magical importance. However, they noticed several letters addressed from an entity named “Gray” who sent what appeared to be a coded message—something happening at the docks.

After they discovered the message’s meaning, Vasandra entered the library. The heroes decided to make a quiet exit rather than face her head on, leaping deftly from a window.

Sir Lyle’s Last Stand.

Tobias and Sir Lyle arrived at the palace in search of Lyle’s friends and prospective allies, Sir Dunfarres and Sir Crey. Finding Crey at the front gate on duty that morning, Tobias told him that Lyle was alive and knew that something sinister was going down at the palace. Crey told Tobias to meet him at the side entrance, alone, where they could discuss what Tobias knew and figure out where to proceed from there, especially since Sir Lyle had been implicated in a conspiracy against the High Lady.

When Tobias met Crey next, the knight brought him onto the palace grounds and into what he said was the garrison. However, it turned out to be the dungeons instead, where a small group of other Knights in Silver and a mage of the Spellguard were waiting.

A trap.

Rather than fight them head on, Tobias, made a desperate escape. When he got back out into the garden, Sir Lyle was waiting for him. Sir Lyle told Tobias to run while he remained behind to fight—someone had to restore order to Silverymoon, and Lyle was willing to lay his life down for the cause.

As Tobias made his escape, he heard a large explosion from behind as Sir Lyle was decimated by the Spellguard’s magic.


Tobias fled into the city, hoping to throw off the trail of any Zhentarim in pursuit. Kaloy, Saradoc, and Ooga heard the explosion of the Spellguard’s massive fireball. Ooga transformed into an eagle to investigate.

Flying over the city, he found Tobias on the streets. Intending to help him find the others, Ooga swooped down to intercept. Signals were mixed, and Tobias thought the eagle was attacking rather than helping. After a charged scuffle, Tobias succeeded in beating Ooga off just as Kaloy and Saradoc arrived.

Extremely upset, Tobias said he intended to go to the temple before rejoining the others. At the temple, he found the Dawnbringer who Lathander spoke to. He warned her that dark times were coming.

Anger management.


Together again, the heroes decided to challenge Vasandra and extract as much information as they could. Finding her in the library, just before opening time, they overpowered her in a fight and took her hostage.

Kaloy interrogated her through the usual means. Vasandra only knew a little more than the heroes had already found out. The Zhentarim had tasked her with giving a first edition history book to First Elder Starlighter of Everlund when she arrived at the docks, but that was it. The book was not even charged by any magic.

The messages between the Zhentarim were more coded, more obscure than before. They’d clearly taken measures to increase their secrecy since the heroes disrupted their plot in Waterdeep.

Finding no more use for her, the heroes killed Vasandra and left the library.

A new ally.

A dish best served cold.

With little clues to work on, the heroes returned to the Gypsy Dawn unsure of what to do next. They arrived to find a Knight in Silver aboard, held by Mason and Skruk, saying he was looking for Tobias.

His name was Sir Dunfarres. He was compromised by the Zhentarim. And he wanted revenge for what they did to Sir Lyle.



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