Somewhere, a black fire burns cold …

New Dawn was a town founded by adventurers, as a place for a new beginning. In the 30 years since it was built, many came to put down their roots here. Among them were Kaloy, an adventurous half-elf bard, Saradoc Thrice-Cursed, a recklessly curious halfling, Ooga, a peaceful half-orc druid with a penchant for eating everything in sight, and Tobias, an honorable human paladin with a tragic past.

When they joined their friend Garmek Silverhammer in his quest to find the ruins of his ancestral home, they didn’t know what they were getting into. Thrust into the middle of a conflict they’ve only begun to piece together, the heroes must race against time to find out: who are the Heirs? Why are they being sacrificed over evil Black Fires?

And, perhaps most importantly, who is Abraham?

The Heirs

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